“Who Wants to Date a Farmer”

The fourth season of Who Wants to Date a Farmer” starts next Sunday, 30th May. The brand-new series of the programme, which is presented by Andreia Rodrigues, promises to go in search of love, ensuring contestants and viewers fall hard along the way.

Over the course of 16 weeks, we’ll be following the lives of farmers and the suitors they choose to join them on their farms.

  • Ana, 36, from Serpa, farms fruit and organic produce.
  • Diogo, 23, from Santa Maria da Feira, is an organic farmer.
  • José Luís Fernandes [Zé Luís], 63, from Monforte owns his own farm.
  • Aurélio, 38, from Viseu, is a Serra da Estrela cheese producer.
  • Luís Feijão, 25, from Cabeço de Vide is a meat farmer.
  • Tiago Belo, 38, from Vale de Pousadas, Castelo Branco, is also a meat farmer.

The first week will give us a look into the contestants arriving at the farms, and viewers may well recognise the bags on the contestants’ arms as they pull up.

The sizzling, must-watch series “Who Wants to Date a Farmer” promises surprises and, above all, a lot of love.

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