The company responsible for processing your data is Silver Horse, S.A., (henceforth designated as S.H.), with corporate taxpayer No. 513 611 894 , and head office at Rua Júlio Dinis, nº 15, Grijó, Sermonde, 4415-477 Vila Nova de Gaia. You may contact S.H. whenever you deem it convenient for any clarifications on data protection or regarding the current policy by e-mail to or in writing to its head office.

This Privacy Policy governs access to S.H., channels and its use, particularly by enabling the data subject to access all services and content on the Internet´s Website (henceforth designated as Website).


All data processing operations carried out by S.H. have a legitimate legal basis, particularly consent from the subject, the need to execute a contract or pre-contractual proceedings with the data subject, as well as the need for compliance with a legal obligation or legitimate interests pursued by S.H. or a third party.

Data is either collected in person or by means of an online registration form provided on the Website.

By accessing and using the S.H. Website, its content and/or services, the data subject freely accepts and consents in a specific, explicitly, and informed manner, and by means of a clear affirmative action, authorising for their - requested or provided  optionally - personal data to be collected and processed by S.H. pursuant to this document.


All personal data processed by S.H. aims at providing necessary information to the data subjects for the purpose of managing relations and communications, particularly by sending marketing campaigns, adverts, commercial communications carrying sales promotions, sending newsletters, sending congratulations, and carrying out market studies, as well as providing services hired by the data subject, and managing pre-contractual, contractual, and post-contractual relations with the data subject.


Without loss for that written above, the data subject may withdraw consent at any given time after every communication they receive by sending a notification to the following e-mail:

S.H. undertakes to ensure that the requested personal data is that strictly necessary for the intended purposes.


S.H. does not collect or process personal data or information for the purpose of any kind of operation by a third party.

When you use our Website you are in contact with us, and when you contact S.H. we may collect your personal information.


The data subject ensures that all personal data provided are true and takes responsibility for informing S.H. of any changes.  The data subject shall be liable for the accuracy of the provided data, where S.H. reserves the right to delete false data from its records without loss for other legal measures.

We recommend due diligence in terms of Data Protection by using security tools; S.H. cannot be held liable for unlawful data deletion, changes, or loss for which they are not responsible.


Personal data provided shall be preserved by S.H. throughout its business activity until the data subject exercisesone of their rights, particularly that of limiting data processing or withdrawing consent from data processing by S.H., while any contracts signed by S.H. and the data subject remain in force, and before the legal deadlines for data preservation have been met.


The data subject has the right to:

 a) Access their personal data;

b) Request the rectification of inaccurate data;

c) Request that their data be erased;

d) Request restricted data processing;

e) Object the processing of their data;

f) Exercise their right to be forgotten, and

g) Request data portability.

The data Subject also has the right to withdraw consent given for their processing at any time without compromising the lawfulness of processing based on consent previously given.

The data Subject may exercise all these rights by requesting a document for this purpose through the e-mail address or by post to the S.H. head office, which should be returned filled-in and signed.

The data subject shall have the right to complain to a Supervisory Authority - particularly to the National Commission for Data Protection - if they believethat their personal data is not being processed in accordance with that foreseen on the  GDPR or if their rights are not fulfilled.


Protecting the privacy and personal data of their customers, visirors, employees, and collaborators is very important for S.H.. Therefore, S.H. will do whatever it takes to stop your data from being used inadequately. Only authorised personnel may access your data.

S.H. will maintain the levels of personal data protection security required by the applicable legislation and has established all technical and organisational means within their reach to prevent any loss, misuse, changes, unauthorised access, or theft of the data provided by the data subject either through the Website or in person.

In spite of S.H. efforts, we would like to warm you that the Internet may not be a secure place to communicate. Information channelled through the Internet may, in fact, be intercepted by a third party. Hence, S.H. cannot guarantee absolute security and authenticity of information sent through this channel. By using this Website and entering information therein, you expressly agree that this is your express wish and you assume all risks.

S.H. is unable to effectively guarantee the accuracy or precision of the information contained therein, for which reason we are not responsible for direct or indirect damages caused by using this Website.

We would also like to point out that when browsing the Internet, you should adopt extra security measures, particularly by ensuring that your computer and Browser are up-to-date in terms of adequately configured security patches with an active firewall, antivirus, and anti-spyware, and make sure that you visit reliable websites on the Internet and avoid Websites that you do not trust.


The Website may provide access to a variety of texts, graphs, designs, codes, software, pictures, music, videos, sounds, databases, images, expressions, and information either belonging to S.H. or a third party, which the data subject may access.

The data subject shall be responsible for access, navigation, and use of the Website. The aforementioned responsibility shall be extended to registrationand, if necessary, accessing contents or services provided by the Website.

For this reason, we would like you to inform S.H. of any fact that you may have come across, which may be opposed to the right or breach any right of a third party by means of the Website tools.

The data subject must use the contents and services provided by the website in a diligent, correct, and lawful manner, including but not limited to abstaining from:

a)            Using content for purposes or effects which are against the law, good faith, and public order;

b)            Inflecting damage on physical and logical systems belonging to the Website´s owner, their suppliers, or third parties;

c)            Introducing or spreading computer viruses on the network or any other physical or logical systems likely to cause the damages mentioned above.


Whenever you use the website, S.H. automatically collects information related to your visit, particularly your IP address, page views, interactions, how long your session lasted, device identification, age group, age, gender, interest categories, and location.


All texts, images, graphs, sounds, animations, and videos - including their Website dispositions - are the exclusive property of S.H. and are protected by an applicable copyright and industrial property right legislation. The Website´s content may not be copied, reproduced, or changed for marketing or other purposes or provided to third parties. Some of the Website´s content, including but not limited to some images are the property of third parties. The use of the Website´s contents in any way or form, or the use of any intellectual property right belonging to S.H. - in whole or in part - requires a previously written consent from S.H.. The data subject undertakes not to carry out any actions that may breach intellectual property rights belonging to S.H., particularly those of the Website creators and/or their licensees.


The data subject should follow the following recommendation:

a)            Use passwords with at least eight characters, numbers and letters, in upper case and lower case;

a)        Most websites are not intended for children. You should activate parental control so that you may prevent and control the access of children to the Internet and inform children of security aspects;

a)            Maintain an installed and updated software antivirus in your equipment in order to ensure that your equipment is free from malicious software and spyware, which may risk your Internet navigation and endanger any information you may keep;

b)            Analyse and read the privacy and cookie policy provided by S.H. on the Website;


In case of the S.H. Website containing links to the web pages of other companies and entities.

S.H. shall not be held responsible for the way those companies handle privacy protection and process personal data, for which reason we recommend that you read the privacy policy of those web pages, which are not the property of S.H. regarding the use, processing, and protection of personal data.

We would like to warn you that the conditions providedby those web pages may not be the same as S.H..


Cookies” are small software tags stored in your computer through your browser, which only retain information with your preferences; hence they do not include your personal data.

Cookies do not damage your processor and do not contain viruses. The cookies on our Internet pages do not have information regarding your personal data. You may deactivate the use of cookies in your browser´s configurations at any time. The cookies on our web pages are usually only used during anonymous and statistical evaluations for the purpose of improving customer guidance. By browsing this website without changing the cookie settings on your browser, you expressly agree to the use of cookies by S.H..

Please read the S.H. Cookie Policy for more information on cookies and how S.H. uses them on their website.


By providing personal data in a free, specific, and informed manner, the subject acknowledges and accepts this Policy and expressly authorises its processing in accordance with the established rules.


The Privacy Policy of S.H. may be changed from time to time and is available for consultation on the website and head office.

We willnot reduce the rights of the data subject, which were acquired under the present Privacy Policy, without a previous highlighted notification on the Website from S.H. in strict compliance with the law.

Any changes made to the privacy policy will be published on the Website, and if those changes are significant, then our warning will be highlighted.